Crazy Paving Tumbled Sky

The mosaic Crazy Paving Tumbled Sky consists of marble Sky Cloud pieces that are glued onto the net. One of the basic characteristics of the mosaic Crazy Paving is its easy installation on the wall.

The game of shapes of small marble Sky Cloud pieces in mosaic Crazy Paving Tumbled Sky has a result in a single gray effect because of the gray veins. In any application, marble Sky Cloud material gives the feeling of dinstictive gray background.

In these photos, we can see the net on which the pieces of marble Sky Cloud are glued. Also, the mosaic of Crazy Paving Tumbled Sky can beeasily cleaned so, often used in kitchensbathroomsbars and courtyards. It is mainly preferred in places with sea summer character because the joints seem to the shape of wave as the mockup mosaic photo.