French Pattern Sky

French Pattern Sky consists of pieces of  Sky marbleSky Volakas pieces have different dimensions in this type of mosaic, french pattern.

As a product of Sky marble, this mosaic has grey coloration due to the grey and black veins. The white background give the sense of “clean” in the material so it is often used in washrooms, bathrooms and kitchens fo wall cladding. However, french pattern Sky would be suitable for wall cladding in public spaces because of the smoky industrial style that it provides because of the grey veins which have inside.

From its patternfrench poattern, is suited in floor coverings. Due to the physical characteristics in resistance of French Pattern Sky , is used in floor in public spaces. The grey veins provides a distinctive grey image.

Architects and interior designers prefer in general the marble Sky because its physical characteristics and grey veins – surface. It is unique material about the combination of all these features.