Marble Thasos

Marble Thasos is mined from the island of Thasos, which is located in the north of Greece. The island of Thasos, in ancient times, was an important trading post because of the unique marble which is mined from its quarries. The demand for marble thasos has increased across the line of  history, and there is a global interest around Thasos marble.

The Thasos marble is one of the best qualities of marble. Often described as “snow white marble” because of the crystals which are contained and it resembles the white crystalline color snowflake. Thasos marble is one of the best white marbles worldwide, and its color is clear-white with no gray or black veins. It would not be an exaggeration to characterize it as a bright marble due to increased reflection of light on its surface.

Based on its physical properties, the Thasos marble is indicated for wallcoverings mainly in interior spaces and floors. It is often used in counter surface apart from kitchen counters. It also has the potential to be used in wet areas such as floors and walls of bathroomsshowers and indoor swimming pools. Many architectsdesigners and artists tend to use marble Thasos, when they want to give simple line in design, regardless of the object creation for example spaces, jewelry etc.

The result of Thasos marble use, is unique because it gives elegance and luxury in current spaces. It plays a distinguished role on highly sophisticated areas, so architects and designers prefer to propose it for high aesthetics projects. Freshness of marble Thasos makes it suitable for contemporary living areas and design. At the range of styles serves as white background, which intensifies the distinctive minimalistic character.

Tiles in economy and standard:

30,50 x 30,50cm – Thickness: 1cm Bevel

30,50 x 61cm – Thickness: 1cm Bevel


Tiles in economy, standard, advance and A:

30 x 30cm – Thickness: 2cm

30 x 60cm – Thickness: 2cm

60 x 60cm – Thickness: 2cm


Slabs 2m in Economy, Standard, Advance, A and Extra