Marble Volakas

Marble volakas is a dolomite marble, produced in Greece.

Standard production: Slabs 2cm, Slabs 3cm,

Also produced are Tiles in sizes 60x60cm, thickness: 2cm, and 60x30cm, thickness: 2cm, moreover you can find a big range of mosaics polished or tumbled in 1 cm thickness.

The marble Volakas gets its name from Volakas village which is 33 km from Drama, northern Greece. Volakas quarries, where the marble is mined from, are located in Falakron Mountains – Western Rhodopes.

The history of volakas marble commerce starts from ancient times in Greece. During the years this type of marble was the most known for the variety of white marble, being in international quality standards. The marble Volakas is considered to be one of the leaders of the international marble market, according to the large number of exports worldwide.

The coloration of marble Volakas, is the background of white color on which there are gray veinsbrown veins and sometimes purple veins, giving a sense of vividness and movement in the material. As dolomite marble has a big rate of resistance to percussion and abrasion and also to thermal resistance, which allows it to be used in public places, generally in places with frequent use. The suitability for specific uses, depends on the compositionaestheticscolorveinslayout and the process of elaboration, it has undergone. Undoubtedly, this material contains distinctive colors of minimalist character design that can be used in various spaces especially in mosaic selection, depending on customer preferences.

Marble Volakas is perfectly suited to contemporary living areasinterior and exterior design. Specifically, the most common use is on wall and floor coveringsfireplaceskitchenspublic areas and for many renovation applications. The soft fresh and luxury which it provides, makes it one of the most popular materials with many architects and interior designers for high-quality manufacturing projects, such as hotels, casinos, palaces, theaters, generally for large and residential projects. The variety of styles and applications that it can be used, makes it suitable for decorative applications on wall and floor. The abundant distinctive veins allow the style of book match, creating a unique and lustrous illusion of depth in space, setting non – real limits in it.

The reason that marble Volakas remains for years one of the top material selection to the user preferences, designers, architects and manufacturers are the geological features, the quality and the sense of timeless luxury. The possibility of processing and formatting, inspired artists to experiment with object design of any use and function, such as jewelry, household items, furniture etc.

Slabs 2cm

Tiles 60x60cm
Tiles 60x30cm

Common sizes: 5x10cm, 4,8×4,8cm, 2,3×2,3cm, polished