Matrix Mix

The mosaic matrix Mix consists of Thasos marble and marble Sky pieces. The demand of marble Thasos and also of Sky triggered the creation of various applications in mosaic by modifying texture, shape and cutting. Pieces have not  the same thickness and they are glued onto a net.

As product of Thasos marble is classified as “snow white marble” because of crystals containing, are resembled the white crystalline color snowflake due to the white color with no gray or black veins. It would not be an exaggeration to characterize it as a bright marble increasing the reflection of light on its surface. At the same time the intense veins of marble Sky makes a unique result of grey colouraions in the mosaic Matrix Mix.

The Mosaic Matrix Mix primarily used for wall applications. The resistance of marble Thasos  and marble Sky in moisture, makes it suitable for wall coverings in bathrooms and kitchens. Mosaic Matrix Mix  gives another dimension in the space that it is installed.

Architects and interior designers are choosing marble Thasos because it provides luxury and eleganceMarble Sky gives the sense on movement in the space and and the colors of exquisite blue/grey. The mosaic matrix Mix follows the lines of the horizontal and vertical axes, so often used in areas with absolutely classical lines. Furthermore, all mosaics, so matrix Mix, used in places with vintage and retro style.